Madras Hash's 20th Anniversary Yelagiri Weekend end Nov '10

All that we know so far:

  1. Mismanagers: Tim" Leather Coater" Amos, Manoj "Mallu Mama", Sridhar "Flesh Trader" Doss, and hey, why isn't your name here?  Email the Hash and jump in.
  2. Venue:  Yelagiri.  About 2 hours from Bangalore and 3 from Madras.  Hyderabadis and others should join the gang at either Bangalore or Madras/Chennai
  3. Dates:   Nov 27 - 28 weekend
  4. Costs:   Rock bottom as you can expect from these Mismanagers. Several African despots are after them for the trade secret of how they charge so little, yet have enough left over to holiday in Greece (today) and Spain/Portugal/Iceland (tomorrow).
  5. The Catch:  Limited Free Accommodation. Registration acceptance will be Bakarapet style, which is:
    • Hashers of good standing get Top preference (Good standing translates to: Current or Ex GMs, RAs, Gourmet Hash Chefs, regular Hares, etc
    • "First Cum, First Served" till Mismanagement declares that they are FULL and there is a growing Wait-List of people wanting to get in
    • Once the free accommodation for 80 to 90 is taken up, others can stay at nearby resorts and pay for their stay.  All food and drink is included in the rego.  As of early September, we have 90 warn ins. Room for a max of 10 more.
  6. What are you waiting for?  Call your GM and tell him you want to Hare next time or next month.  If you are a GM, call or email MH3 and say "Buddy, reserve XY places for my flock"