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Nash Hash Travel

This is only to help you plan your weekend and how to get to Vythiri.  Info is on a best effort basis, and the fares mentioned are as of May 2013, and could change.

The best way to get to Vythiri is to reach Calicut (Kozhikode) railway station by around 7 to 8 am on the morning of the Hash. After that you are in Madras Hash's hands till you are dropped back at the station on Sunday afternoon.  The Rego will cover everything in between.  If you arrive at a very different hour, you need to find your own way to Vythiri.

Chennai MAS to Kozhikode/Calicut CLT : 

Train #.           ETD             ETA              RATES (Rs)   SL       3AC       2AC 

                                                               (one way)

12601              2025           0750                            305        825        1250

12685              1700           0415


12602              1725           0525

12686              2015           0800

Bangalore Yeswantpur YPR to Kozhikode/Calicut CLT : 

Train No            ETD            ETA            RATES (Rs)   SL       3AC       2AC 

                                                           (one way)

16527               2000          0640                         270        720         1030


16528               2000           0755

Hyderabad has no direct trains.  Homework needs to be done. Perhaps they will catch a train to Bangalore/Mysore, or travel by a Hash Bus all the way from Hyd.

Buses from Bangalore can be arranged by the Hash at Rs 700 (return fare by airconditioned coach).  6 plus hours one way journey by bus.

Bombay has trains which leave at lunchtime (?), and reach around 7 am next day. Bombay Hash to check and correct this section.

Calicut has an airport.  Flights probably arrive in the afternoon, which will be too late for that day's run, but will suit people who want to come in a day earlier.  

Current cab fares are: Calicut station to Vythiri is Rs 1500/-   From airport it is Rs 2000. Both in a/c compact cars like Tata Indigo or Suzuki DZire.