Nash hash Budget

With Regos closed this page is not relevant.  Regos may be available against cancelation.  Check with Mismanagement.

As always, Madras Hash tries to give you excellent value for money, largely through the efforts of a number of Hashers who voluntarily do a lot for the hash without expecting any monetary gain, and thx to sponsors who love us.

We expect only those who have hashed atleast 5 times before to participate (Mismanagement discretion will apply to the few exceptions, if any).

Our Rego form has a rate that is valid only for that month.  The rate that is Rs X000 (Rs Y000 for horrors; Z000 if they do not need an extra bed in the room; Single stay - subject to availability - is Rs W000 more).  This will cover everything from lunch on Day 1 to lunch on Day 3.  It also includes pickup on Day 1 and drop on Day 3 from/to Calicut station.  No promises yet - but we could even cover the cost of enroute breakfast on Day 1 for the hashers who arrive in Calicut.

For those remitting in US$, the Rego figure is $XX0.  

Send an email to MH3 so that we can trace and acknowledge receipt.

Regos are not refundable, though they are transferable to "Hashers of Good Standing".  Mismanagement reserves the right to deny the transfer if the transferee is not a hasher, whatever that may mean!