Nash Hash Araku 2010

Program Details

Day 1 (Jan 23rd):

The event starts with Run 1 on the hills and sand of Vizag.  You would have reached the hotel (on your own from whichever city you belong to), checked in with help from Mismanagement. The first BIG run! Hill/beach/sea/pure oxygen to set the hashers soaring.

Hash party that night.  Just remember that you have an early start the next day.

Day 2 (Jan 24th):

Checkout early and travel by bus to station to catch the Hash Train to Araku. Dep at 7 am.  This ride takes you through beautiful hill country and about 20 tunnels, one over a mile long.  Breakfast on board.

Hop of at Borra Caves station, and see the huge cavern.  Estimated to take 60 to 90 minutes INSIDE the cavern with lots of stalactites and stalagmites. AWESOME.

Then lunch at a riverside spot or at a lovely hill top resort. This decision is yet to be made. Then Run 2 through jungle/hill terrain.  Perhaps past a 300m tall waterfall.  Watch out for bears - about 160 of them there - and porcupines.

Take the bus to your resort at Araku Valley.  Relax.  Visit the Tribal Museum or leave that for the next day. 

Party Party Party...that night.  Dinner supplemented by Gourmet Chef barbecue.  Tenderloin. Kababs. Beer. Bonfire. And lots to talk about. It will be cold outdoors.  Stay close to the bonfire if you are not doing hugging a dancing partner.

Day 3 (Jan 25th):

Start the day late if you want since Run 3 is after lunch.  However there will be a choice of two Trails in the morning.  A Ball Breaker, which is a cross country half marathon (recommended only for those who have done such distances easily), or a Dancing Trail, which is a 75 to 90 minute brisk/enjoyable workout led by 3 or 4 Dancing Hares.  

Lunch followed by Run 3, which may be a bus ride away.

Later that evening, Bonfire. More meat. More paneer. More greens. Crackling snacks. Good spirits. And Telugu food! Party all night!

Day 4 (Jan 26th):

For the early risers, there could be Run 4, a hang over Run.  The weather will be wonderful in Araku.  Then leave for the plains after breakfast in order to catch your train or flights back home.

Nash Hash Registration covers:

3 nights stay in lovely resorts. !00% hash resorts. Fully paid for rooms/food/whatever.

Hash Buses from Vizag hotel on Day 1 to last day drop at station/airport.

Hash Train from Vizag to Araku

Hash Mismanagement takes over from Saturday afternoon till last day. Little need to take out your wallet.

Hash spreads will be supplemented by Gourmet Hash Chefs. 

Beer of course.  

Soft drinks and water Goody bag with T shirts and (hopefully) much, much more

3 Nash Hash Runs + 2 or 3 optional additional ones

All the sight seeing that is worth doing in the pristine Araku Valley

(Borra Caves - a single tavern which will take 60 to 90 minutes to walk through.  Tall water falls. Tribal Museum and related stuff.  No non-tribals are allowed to settle in Araku Valley).

The Hash Mismanagement opens this invite only to those hashers who have been hashing regularly for well over a year or so. The Mismanagement (includes veterans from other cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad) reserves the right to refuse any applicant who is not qualified for the Nash Hash event.