The Great South Indian SUPER HASH

1990 - 2015




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It was the year 1990.  Three Hashes were born in India.  Independent of each other.  The first was Bangalore around April.  Then Hyderabad. Finally the Madras Hash in Sept.

They have been the most vibrant of the Hashes in India.  The best Mismanaged too.  Run by a large number of dedicated hashers who work hard to give hashers a good time and good value.

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Hashing in their respective cities, Bangalore Hash, Hyderabad Hash and Madras Hash came together in Aug 2015 to give you a great hashing weekend.  One entire day and evening put together by one of the Hashes, ensuring a great weekend.

The weekend was our way of saying “We love to hash”, and we hope you loved the weekend as much as we enjoyed putting it together. The largest Mismanagement team, comprising only of Hashers, worked hard to put the event together.

For the few who had to change their plans at the last minute, in the tradition of the Hashes in India, we gave a FULL REFUND even to those who cancelled less than a week before the event.