Trash of Runs Gone By

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Run:                Run No  616 - 618 (190+ hashers)

Date/Time:      Jan 10 - 12, 2014

Venue:             Vythiri Village, Wayanad, Kerala


 ...  will be updated soon ...  along with Trash of Runs 607 to 615

Run:                Run No  606 (90+ hashers)

Hares:             MChops, Popcorn, Anal-yst and Semen Giver

Date/Time:      Sep 1

Venue:             The Radisson Blu (airport)


Food from the Great Kabab Factory.  Personalised T shirts, with the Hashers name at the back.  Draught beer from KingFisher in copious quantities.  A decent trail by urban standards.  A returnee family from 1994.  The a turn in the Circle by the GM of the Hyd Hash, where as IntruderHer confessed, they merely sip some beer as a ritual.  Hashers paradise.  On On to the next Run.

Run:                Run No  605 (30+ hashers)

Hares:             Twinkle Toes, Nobody, I Don't Mind and Shrunken Joe

Date/Time:      Aug 18

Venue:             The Hostel


Report yet to come in.  Many of us were away at Monsoon Madness or at Colombo.

Run:                Run No  604 (85+ hashers)

Hares:             Sally Swallows, MChops, Semen Giver, etc

Date/Time:      Aug 4

Venue:             Sally's Home


Two beer stops with schnapps and other stuff.  Two types of beer and a million bottles of "champagne".  Long, long evening.  Anyone remember what happened that night?

Run:                Run No  603 (65+ hashers)

Hares:             House Pimp, ?? and Semen Giver

Date/Time:      June 23

Venue:             Aruna/Vijay Kumar's @ Akkarai


Gr8 food.  Music.  Nice trail. Lovely setting.

Run:                Run No  600 & 601

Hares:             MH3 Mismanagement

Date/Time:      July 20 & 21

Venue:             Yelagiri


Lovely weekend.

Run:                Run No  599 (60+ hashers)

Hares:             House Pimp, ?? and Semen Giver

Date/Time:      June 9

Venue:             House Pimp's Home


Long Run.  Lots of biryani.  Many virgins.

Run:                Run No  598 (40+ hashers)

Hares:             MChops, House Pimp and Semen Giver

Date/Time:      May 26th

Venue:             Salt Pans


This was the best "fixed" event of the day, and perhaps the week.  A short run in the cool sea breeze, a nice bunch of virgins, several returnees, all made for a lovely evening.  Lots of beer and tasty khaati rolls from GNClub, supplemented by SriLankan Attack (arrack) brought by Sally Swallows made the evening complete.  Pics as usual on our Facebook page.

Run:                Sayaonara Run No  597 (60+ hashers)

Hares:             TechBum, Gigolo and Semen Giver

Date/Time:      May 12th

Venue:             Bay 146


Great ambience provided by Bay 146 and Sampath, Savera's F&B Manager, copious supply of draught beer courtesy KingFisher and Mark, lovely food by Chef Giri, all contributed to a lovely time had by Madras Hashers.  (more to come).

Run:                Sayaonara Run No  596 (60+ hashers)

Hares:             I Don't Mind, Nobody, Chinna Balls, Semen Giver

                       and the Chefs

Date/Time:      April 28th

Venue:             The Hande residence


The Jap food courtesy Chinna Balls and Fuckushima, barbeue (Hash Chefs) + contributions by Pris/Pathma.  Pics on the Madras Hash Facebook page.  

Run:                Tamil New Year's Day Run No  595 (40 hashers)

Hares:             Semen Giver

Date/Time:      April 14th

Venue:             Sai/Lakshmi's 2nd Place at Semen-Cherry


The dinner was typically what is served at Tamil New Year's.  Short eats too.  The two main hares over slept, and it was left to the ever reliable Semen Giver to lay a trail of the perfect distance for the bunch of hashers who came to enjoy the lovely sea breeze at the new beach house, with its large lawn that is comfortable to sprawl on.

Run:                Holi Easter Run No  594 (60 hashers)

Hares:             Semen Giver, Gigolo, Tight Interiors & 

Date/Time:      Mar 31st

Venue:             Banker Wanker's Place at Uthandi


The food and drink was the traditional Holi repast, down to the delicious "Thandaai", including the optional spiked version.  ... etc ...

Run:                KFC Run No  593 (60 hashers)

Hares:             Popcorn, Mutton Chops, Charm my Snake & 

Date/Time:      Mar 17th

Venue:             Uma/Mo's House


Sponsored by Colonel Sanders and the rest of the team at KFC ...

Run:                Run No  592 (30 hashers)

Hares:             I Don't Mind, Shrunken Joe, Chastity Balls & Daylight Wanker

Date/Time:      Mar 3rd

Venue:             At Alamparai Fort hosted by Missing in Action



Run:                Run No  591 (44 hashers)

Hares:             Robot Sex and Semen Giver (?)

Date/Time:      Feb 17th

Venue:             Behind Cholamandalam Artists Village


The original venue was a Club, but then hashers found a lovely, open plot next to it.  We made it our home for the evening, drifting to the Club only when the beer box got empty.  The trail by Robot Sex and Semen Giver saw the runners coming in well before the walkers.  Tons of ice for the Circle, which saw many of the offenders laid out on ice.

This was Trigger Finger's farewell Run, and Sugar Daddy  orchestrated his bit in style.

Pics on the Hash Face book page.  Click Here.

Run:                Run No  590 (??+ hashers)

Hares:             ??

Date/Time:      Feb 3rd

Venue:             Tharavad @ Kottivakkam Beach



Pics on the Hash Face book page.  Click Here.

Run:                Run No  589 (??+ hashers)

Hares:             American Bride, Black Hole Chaser and Chinna Balls

Date/Time:      Jan 20th

Venue:             Salt Pans


Obelix from Hyd Hash made it to this Hash.

Pics on the Hash Face book page.  Click Here.

Run:                Run No  588 (??+ hashers)

Hares:             Daylight Wanker, Robot Sex & Semen Giver

Date/Time:      Jan 6th

Venue:             ??


The ...

Pics on the Hash Face book page.  Click Here.

Run:                Run No  587 (25+ hashers)

Hares:             Live Hares

Date/Time:      Dec 23rd

Venue:             Beep Beep's Place


The weather was great.  The Live Hares did their job well.  The Circle, and subsequent banter, went on forever, with a copious supply of the fluids.  A lot of planning was done for Nash Hash, Hash Skits, etc.. 

Pics on the Hash Face book page.  Click Here.

Run:                Run No  586 (55+ hashers)

Hares:             Dunny Gone and Mamma's Toy

Date/Time:      Dec 9th

Venue:             The Grundfos Campus


The annual Grundfos Run was well attended as usual.  Lovely purple T shirts, a shortish run after a long drive through the Pallikaranai marsh, and then back to Grundfos for the Circle.  Huge block of ice greeted the returnees, snacks were served with the beer which did not run out, and a lovely dinner in the dining room included "bisi-bele-bath" made of broken wheat instead of the usual rice.  Yummy.

Leather Coater graced us with his presence, and he got a few (too many?) down downs.  Sugar Daddy  distributed shorts and tights to everyone who had attended his Run a couple of months ago, before reagling us with a rendition of "Singing in the Rain".  Then Put Me Under sang a Christmas song written especially for the occasion.

New name christenings were deferred to another day as the aroma of dinner wafted down.  

Run:                Run No  585 (45+ hashers)

Hares:             Tight Interiors, Semen Giver and Semen Lover

Date/Time:      Nov 25th

Venue:             The Chawda Residence

Food:                The Chawdas & Priscilla


MH3 RUN 585 was special in more ways than one!

A well laid out run by a brand new bunch of hares and virgins (in fact the main hare was just 3 runs old with MH3), a good setting provided by the  Chawda clan, and an incredibly fantastic gourmet dinner that every single hasher enjoyed to the hilt! It was Gujju fine dining at its best! Hats off to Rupa and the gang! And to top it all some of the finest desserts made by our new hasher Priscilla! Phew! It will be difficult to match this level of gourmet dinner for a long long time!

The circle was held by the stand-in RA Twinkletoes in a low ceiling hall that echoed the jabberings of the hashers to highly amplified levels....

Down downs to the hares & hosts, several virgins and a clutch of 3 timers who got christened with their hash names forever & forever:

Sundar as WANKER BANKER, Anil as SHRIMP MY DICK, Priscilla as FILL MY CAVITY and Siddatharth as ROBOT SEX.

Pics on the Hash Face book page.  Click Here.

Run:                Run No  584 Diwali Run (50+ hashers)

Hares:             Put Me Under; Shrunken Joe and Come by Myself went AWOL

Date/Time:      Nov 11th

Venue:             The Hande Residence

Food:                The Handes

T Shirts:            EMU LInes (Pimp My Stuff)


The walking hare took us on her 75 minute morning route without laying any chalk.  The two running ones (Shrunken Joe and Cum By Myself) went AWOL, and we did not see them till Circle time.  Not our idea of "laying" a trail!  Good trail nevertheless.

Fireworks were brought in by some young hashers, who chose not to get reimbursed.  We will either force them to take the money or thank them profusely.  Good display and good fun.

Gr8 food as always.  Did not run out of food even though the number of warn ins was less than the turnout. Ran out of beer eventually, but then the host took out spirits and the party went on & on. 

Pimp My Stuff sponsored the T shirts thru EMU Lines.  Good colours and design as usual.

Dr Vijaya was named the Sperminator, even though she confessed that her husband was the one who did the job in her Fertility Clinic! The other one who was named was Varun "Oral Fixator".  Here are the two:

More Pics on the album on our Facebook page. Click here.

Run:                Run No  583

Hares:             Popcorn, Semen Giver and Virgins Sundar & Venky

Date/Time:      Oct 28th

Venue:             Virgin Sundar's place at Uthandi


Pics on the album on our Facebook page. Click here.

Run:                Run No  582

Hares:             Popcorn, Daylight Wanker, Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Date/Time:      Oct 14th

Venue:             Sergio's Home


More later.

Pics on the album on our Facebook page. Click here.

Run:                Run No  581 (45 hashers)

Hares:             Anal-yst, Saravanan, Raghu and Popcorn

Date/Time:      Sep 30th

Venue:             Salt Pans


Nice Run from a familiar place.  Popcorn  joins Mismanagement.

Pics on the album on our Facebook page. Click here.

Run:                Le Waterina Run No  580 (50 hashers in the pack)

Hares:             Anal=yst, Mamma's Toy and MuttonChops

Date/Time:      Sep 16th

Venue:             Le Waterina Hotel @ Kottivakkam Beach


Sally Swallows (famous for her Little Knockers) flew down for this Run. Popcorn and Pool Noodles were introduced to the Madras Hash. Fag End was a returning hasher. The Circle was in the Pub, and lots of fun, laughter and dancing.  Longish walk and run redeemed the Hares, famous for their earlier short trails.

Pics on the album on our Facebook page. Click here

Run:                Tim's Farewell Run No  579 (50-ish in attendance)

Hares:             Leather Coater, Shrunken Joe and I Don't Mind

Date/Time:      Sep 1st (Sat)

Venue:             The Hostel


The forests of Vengadamandalam rocked that evening.  A long run, which brought the runners in after sunset, a great circle, followed by gourmet food dished up by Hash Chefs, tons of beer and music to dance to.

The occasion was to give marching orders to Leather Coater and did we do it in style. Special Tees for the occasion, and a colourful ceremony choreographed by Sugar Daddy to boot.  Lots of pics on the Madras Hash Facebook page.

Run:                Run No  578 (30++ in attendance)

Hares:             ZZZ and Mamma's Toy

Date/Time:      Aug 19th

Venue:             Behind Vel's Engg College


It was a live hare trail, with the hares getting more than the usual head start.  They used the extra time to organise prefect weather, rather than laying a nice long trail.  After the exertions of Monsoon Madness, no one really complained.  Lots of food and beer, and the evening ended with a large number of hashers volunteering to mismanage runs for the rest of the year.

Run:                BMW Run No  577 (40++ in attendance)

Hares:             Blow Jobless

Date/Time:      Aug 5th

Venue:             BMW Show room


With all 4 designated hares having ditched, it was left to Lead "Blow Jobless" Mechery to do his Lone Ranger act.  He laid a lovely trail through land mines, a  rifle range, over hill and across rail tracks, where unfortunately no one had a mishap.

This Run was hosted by Kun-BMW at their showroom near the airport.  Thx to Praveen and Anbu of K-BMW.  Next time, we hope their will extend their hospitality to providing food and beer and perhaps a T shirt.  On On.

The FRB's ran faster than light - explains the lack of focus inspite of having a fast camera!

A Hasher who had run too often without contributing by Haring was given his due.  Don't let this happen to you:

Most hashers took the high road:

This one contemplated hitching a ride:

The Hare was duly honoured.  Got two lovely T-Shirts too:

A record number of New Shoes were broken in:

Some were christened.  Chastity Balls loved her new name. Lady Gaga, with her new found celebrity status, turned her back to the camera.

Run:                Mango Soft Harry's Run No  576 (60++ in attendance)

Hares:             Soft Harry & Fast Lady

Date/Time:      July  22nd

Venue:             Fast Lady's Home


The theme for this run was Mangoes. After the run, the food cooked and served by our hashers was Mango sundal, Mango lassi, Mango Chicken, etc., ending up with Mango Sundae (cut mango with icecream and mango sauce).  Thanks to 20% extra attendance from inconsiderate hashers who did not bother to warn in, everyone had to go easy on the food so as not to run out, which we fortunately did not.  

The trail itself was a half done job.  The hares laid a nice A to B trail and then had a sign which said "Hash Home -->".  The runners, being a bit familar with the area, made their own interesting trail back.

Looking fresh at the start:

The Trail started along the beach:

There was a look out notice out for these hashers. 

The Hare and his mates:

The Hostess displaying her legs:

Virgins:  Jasmine & 

New Names: ? & Tight Interiors

New Names:  Civil Whore (on right) and Civil Whore Bitch

The Chefs who made the Mango Sundal and the Lassi

They made the Mango Chicken and the veggie main course:

The Chef who forgot to get the carbs for the evening:

The Chefs who made the Mango Sundae:

The Bar Girls who served the food; and sold the Tees off their back! Who is that in the background?

Clearly satiated after the hash and the dinner.

Run:                Beer Rabbit's Lake Run No  575 (40++ in attendance)

Hares:             Anal-yst, Mutton Chops and Soft Harry

Date/Time:      July  8th

Venue:             South of the Kelambakkam-Vandalur Road


The Hash has a short memory.  Having decided never to let Mutton Chops be a co-hare, we let him slip in.  Once more, at a lovely hashing terrain, he got two otherwise sensible hares to lay a trail that was short of 3 km. However, the runners and walkers improvised to have a great outing. Nevertheless, we need to credit the hares for laying a lovely trail, which took us down ditches, through shrub forest, on lake beds and under trees.  They also organised great weather as only MH3 hares can!

Good number of hashers for a far off location.  Perhaps we should make that the standard distance to drive, as we get to run on nicer terrain.

Where is her gallant knight to help her down the slope?

Two of the three hares: Anal-yst and Mutton Chops

Saying good riddance to Hash Ram as he departs our shores.

Virgins: Manish s/o Fuckushima, Anne (New Z) and Thomas (Sweden)

More virgins: Saki and Bala

New Names:  Micro Sex and Buy One - Get one free

Run:                KFC Run No  574 (50+ in attendance)

Hares:             Cumming in Vain, ZZzz and I Don't Mind

Date/Time:      June  24th

Venue:             Cumming in Vain's Place near Poonamallee


A lovely country side Run sponsored by KFC, a company started by Colonel Sanders in the USA and run by his progeny in India (see pic of two of his great grand kids below).   

The venue was under tall trees in an estate that Cumming in Vain  and cousins own.  The trail led from this large shaded patch, past a village where people go out in to the fields for a crap (we saw the evidence!), then a long falsie on farm land which was lying fallow between crops, and then on to the overflow area of the Chembarabakkam Lake.  Nice long trail for the Runners, made extra long thanks to an Animal - Daylight Wanker - who lead us on an unmarked and unnecessary 2 km long loop.  Fuckushima's recording of the route is here (click).

Back at the ranch, we were met with a couple of youngsters from the KFC family.  Ramji was one.  They had come with some of their finger licking good chicken wings and paneer crunchy zinger sticks that we fished out from buckets to eat along with the beer. 

A Circle which was notable for welcoming many virgins, saying good bye to Mother Chaulker, and the naming of a horror - 6 or 9.

By then, Rajeesh from KFC came in with the main course - Chicken and Veg zingers, toasted twisters and hot crispy chicken.  They had brought so much food, that we malnourished hashers had trouble eating so much. Thanks a pile, KFC, and we will accept your generosity next June too!!!

Something that Madras Hashers can be proud of is that we consume more beer per capita (including the presence of kids and teetotalers) than any other hash in the world.  The per capita consumption over the years has gradually crept up, perhaps given the fact that beer at our Hash is not sold on a per can basis, and that good beer is hard to find in the city.  In any case, take care when you drive home, preferably letting one of those with a medical condition (that prevents them from drinking beer) drive you home.


Start of the trail

Pitfalls - and Climbing out

Country Roads - Take me home - To the Place . . .

Rather green trail

Hash Cash having a conference on how to explain our tax free profits to the Income Tax mole who has joined the hash.

The hares who did a mighty fine job

Cumming in Vain and pretty Nakshatra

Merriment in the Circle.  "See Through" was seen at the Hash after many a moon.

Colonel Sanders Great Grand kids- Ramji and Rajeesh.  KFC sponsored the food as they did last June.

Farewell "Mother Chaulker".  May you keep hashing in far away lands.

Christened as "6 or 9"

Run:                No  573 (40+ in attendance)

Hares:             Sugar Daddy, Pink Pussy and Second Cumming

Date/Time:      June  10th

Venue:             Sugar Daddy's place in Anna Nagar


Extremely well mismanaged run, so much so, that it gives Mismanagement a bad name!

Short trail with an ultra long intro on account of the additional trail signs and their interpretation.  Lovely water stop with oranges, electrolytes and sweet summer smells to revive the runners at the half way point.

Oldest virgin we have had on the hash so far.  All of 89 years of age.  Drank the down down though she took her time over it. Quite an inspiration for us.

One of the new trail signs:  "This way to the Tower Park"

They brought up the rear - Hash Sweeps: 

Hash Mascot:

One of the new Trail signs.  Need a PhD in Arts, Geography and Math!

Front Walking B.sta.d.  Show Off.

The Hares

The Youthful 89 year old Virgin!

The Host who succeeded in giving Mismanagement a bad name:

The Circle was good fun as always:

The Pretty Young Things!

A sample of what we got for dinner

Run:                No  572 (33 in attendance)

Hares:             G-String and 

Date/Time:      May  27th

Venue:             Semen Cherry Beach House


Yet to receive a writeup or pics of this Run which took place when the Interhash was ON.

Run:                No  571 (30 in attendance)

Hares:             Soft Hari

Date/Time:      May  13th

Venue:             The bigger water tank south of Vel's Engg


From a possible 3 hares, it finally came down to one.  And this one did not let the crowd down.  Nice trail, through terrain we have not hashed before, even though we have hashed in that general area over half a dozen times.  Trust the hares to be devious.

The Lone Hare:    Soft Hari

Into the breach they ran, the noble pack of hashers

How can people miss runs like this one? Note the submarine they just walked past:

The odd couple!

Tender Loins ate his own food.  The doc sitting behind had to clean him out!

Fast lady at our hash:  Pink Pussy

Missing Mismanager: Twinkle Toes

Virgins from Chile.  Adding to MH3's sartorial splendour.

Run:                No  570 (30 in attendance)

Hares:             Joe Black

Date/Time:      April 29th

Venue:             Santosh's Beach House at Cholamandal Artist's Village


By some accounts, the trail was a loooong one for runners and the food really good. 

Some Vets and some Virgins:

Feels just like home:

New name: Monkey Kundi (Monkey's Arse)

Visitors:  Nobody and Prime Sinister


Mutton Chops, Mother Chalker and Sugar Daddy

Run:                No  569 (50+ in attendance)

Hares:             Blow Jobless, Mamma's Toy, Twinkle Toes & Under Developed

                        Virgin Hare:  Sudeesh.

Date/Time:      April 15th

Venue:             Tharavad on Kottivakkam Beach Front


The trail had two walker/runner splits and the walkers arrived way after the runners did.  A shorter trail than recent ones, but no one complained - the dog days of summer have arrived.

The dinner served was aapams, string hoppers, chicken and veg stew, along with thair saadam.  For a Tamil New Year Run, it seemed more like Visu (the Mallu New Year), but as the food was hot & tasty, no one minded.

New names included Dirk "Josef No Balls"  and Kumar "Rajni Cunt".  Birthday harriets Rendu Kutchie and Shame-n-Pain were duly iced for being born so beautiful.

We had Mother Chalker from the Washington Hash who took a short turn in the circle.    Dunny Gone should have known better than to have worn new shoes, and ended up drinking from both.  He probably went straight to the hospital to have his stomach pumped..

Run:                No  568 (60+ in attendance)

Hares:             Soft Hairy, House Pimp, Anal-yst & Mutton Chops

Date/Time:      April 1st

Venue:             Never Ready's property at Juhu Beach


The trail had three walker/runner splits.  Worked well till the first two in that it kept the two groups together.  The 3rd split was a killer long falsie for the runners, and they never saw the walkers again.  Good run.  About 7 km. See for Fuckushima's record of the trail.

The host, Never Ready, organised a live dosa counter and home made prawn curry.  Delicious stuff.  Mutton Chops organised a sponsor for the April Fools Day T shirts  which were sufficient for all who showed up.

Cum by Myself:

Lovely view of the sunset:

The Host and the Mismanager:

Run:                No  567 (60+ in attendance)

Hares:             Leather Coater and Nick

Date/Time:      March 18th

Venue:             Gandhi Nagar Club to Tim's Place


The trail was extremely well researched and laid.  Some runners were disappointed that Point B was not near the border with Kerala, but then you can't please everyone.  The Run started with a few cops looking suspiciously at the crowd outside the Club, and midway the trail took us past a few Minister's and Judge's homes. Security is bound to be beefed up by now.

Lovely "Ambur" biryani brought all the way from Tambaram by the hosts, and a nice time had by all.

Iced for choosing the longest song in the book:

The Horrors enjoying the biryani - made Ambur style:

Will they never learn? Wearing new shoes at the Hash:

Run:                No  566 (45+ in attendance)

Hares:             Daylight Wanker, Chinna Balls, Fuckushima, Black Hole Chaser, and Pocket Penis

Date/Time:      March 4th

Venue:             Sai/Lakshmi's place at Semencherry


MH3 Runs (the regular Sunday Runs) have become lovely events on their own.  So much so, that Hashers (like Whack Me) plan trips to Madras just to attend them.

The venue attracted a good crowd and the trail was exceptional - as the last many have been.  Sally Swallows flew up from Colombo just for this Run.  Great having you here Sally.

Dinner could have been a barbecue, had hashers warned in early.  The Chefs need several evenings of beer guzzling to get in the mood, and they love to cook for large numbers, which as of Thursday did not look as though it would cross 30.  As it was,  the hash mismanagers had organised a caterer who laid out a HUGE spread of delicious food to go with the copious amount of beer the gathering polished off.  Three types of Kingfisher were served, as has been the custom of the Madras Hash for the last year and more.

Rohit and Rohan were spirited Horrors that evening.  Augers well for the future of hashing.  Look forward to seeing more of the shorter kind of hasher at our weekend runs.

Did anyone know that Sally is known as Tanya at work?:

Nate, now christened as MicroDick:

Tribute to the Great Ones, who make MH3 what it is:

Sally led AmericanBride.Com and Fuckushima  in a song/dance routine:

Two of the Hares cooling of with ...:

Run:                No  565 (30 in attendance)

Hares:             I Don't Mind, I Cum Alone and Twinkle Toes

Date/Time:      Feb 19th

Venue:             Kelambakkam Run


Loopy long trail. See

Run:                No  564 (25 in attendance)

Hares:             Beer Rabbit, House Pimp & Beep Beep

Date/Time:      Feb 5th

Venue:             Salt Pan Run


Long trail again.  Tender coconuts at water halt

Run:                No  563 (50 in attendance)

Hares:             House Pimp & Daylight Wanker

Date/Time:      Jan 22nd

Venue:             Aruna/Vijay's home at TVS Ave, Akkarai


Xtra long, nice trail.  Welcome to CU 3

Run:                No  562 (50 in attendance)

Hares:             Daylight Wanker and Mamma's Toy

Date/Time:      Jan 8th

Venue:             CReNIO


Missing hosts, long trail and great food

Run:                No  561 (25+ in attendance)

Hares:             Anal-yst, Mutton Chops and Kiran (virgin hare).

Date/Time:      Dec 25th

Venue:             Puff'd Daddy's Place


Frankies as a bite.  Bigger group than we expected for X-Mas

Run:                No  560 (75 in attendance)

Hares:             Mutton Chops, Fuckushima, Daylight Wanker & Harpic

Date/Time:      Dec 11th

Venue:             Grundfos


Par excellence, as it always is at Grundfos

Run:                No  555 & 559

Hares:             Mixed bag of hares

Date/Time:      Nov 25th -27th

Venue:             Bakarapet

Comments:      Deserves a separate writeup