Tips for Hares


Hash Symbols:


Cry ON ON to indicate you are on Trail

Arrows to be 50 yards apart or dots of flour to be 25 yards apart on open ground


.  .  .   .   .  .


Cry CHECK. Front Runners (FRBs) spread out to find the trail. If the trail is laid with paper, this is a heap of paper.


Trail after a Check leads to a FALSE TRAIL.  Return to the previous Check to find the "true" trail.


Cry CHECK BACK.  This is a tricky one as the True Trail continues somewhere between the Check Back and the previous Check. Good way to hold back the FRBs


Cry Hash Haltto cross the road together, or

Hash Home for the Circle/Beer or Water Halt. Also serves as a Check

      F    or                X



General Tips:


1.    Try to recce the trail more than once, before you lay the trail. Helps improve the general quality of runs.

2.    Have a water halt at a half way point. We dehydrate fast in Madras.

3.    Design a “Walkers trail” of about 6 km, and a “Runners Trail” of about 8 to 9 km, including false trails. This should keep all hashers on the move for 55 to 75 minutes.

4.    Have a Hash Back for each trail to bring up the rear. The Circle begins when the Hash Backs return, indicating all is well.

5.    Try to include some entertainment before and after the run. Songs go down well. Songs to warm up, and songs to pep things up.